Happy Daruma Spark - Sakura
Happy Daruma Spark - Sakura
Happy Daruma Spark - Sakura
Happy Daruma Spark - Sakura
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Happy Daruma Spark - Sakura

Now living a happy life in their new family 💜

What are Daruma Dolls ?

They are traditional dolls made in Japan and are the symbole of perseverance and luck 🍀

How to use them ? You make a wish and paint one eye 👁
The daruma will accompany you to make your wish come true ❤️
When your wish comes true, you can paint the second eye 👁

I made the artistic choice to paint an eye for you and leave the other blank 🎨 So they can be a companion to keep your goals and dreams in sight ! And if they ever come true, send me a message and I’ll paint the other eye for you ❤️


Handmade figurine made from polymer clay ( FIMO ) and acrylic paint of professional quality for more durability. I glaze some parts of the figurine with FIMO glaze. 

Colors can vary from what is displayed on your screen, 
but I promise you'll like it ♡

Please Note 
This piece is a collectible item meant to be displayed by adults, it is NOT a toy made for children. Clay details could come off and be swallowed if handled and played with by a small one. 

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