The artist behind Plum Horizon

Hi friends !
My full name is Laëtitia Doukhan but you can call me Laëti :)  

I am the artist behind Plum Horizon, and my journey started the 6th of December 2016,
after I just hit 25 years old.

You can say I had kind of a quarter century crisis,
where did the little artsy kid go ?

The one daydreaming, drawing and creating tiny creatures from pieces of wire, pearls and cut papers ?

I kinda lost myself studying science and striping away the artsy parts of myself.
The one I needed to truly feel like myself ! 

I realized this later on. 


I was trying to get back to art, mainly drawing since a few months at this time. 
A gloomy day of December 2016, I was searching for inspiration and I discovered the world of Polymer Clay.

Completely by random !  


I discovered you could create an entire world from small pans of colored materiel, and I knew instantly I wanted to be part of this world !

I hesitated. 
Felt awkward.
I walked to the craft store.
Went away. 
BUT I came back the next day. 

And I bought my very first set of polymer clay, a small knife and came back home ! 

I never stopped creating sculpts since this day. 

Fun fact : my first creation was a catterpie, because what else to create than a Pokemon when you're born in the 90's ! 

Very early on I decided to build my own universe, inspired by fantasy worlds, nature and bright colors that put a smile on my face and warm my heart.

This gloomy day of December 2016, I decided I would be an artist again.
Taking small steps day after day to be where I am today.

You don't have to be famous to live a creative life,
you just need to be willing to create something :)

If you never start, you'll never know !
It could become a thing, YOUR
like it became one to me. 

I hope my colorful world can bring a bit of joy to your life
- or at least a shelf or a work area -
and bring back some magical vibes to our too often gloomy day-to-day life ! 

Thank you for following this journey, from the bottom of my heart,
Your friend,